You can make your donations with our Paypal account
or send money in our bank accounts as the detail is given below.


If you are doctor or educationist you can join us as volunteer and provide medical treatment to the disabled special children and can Teach Orphans voluntarily


You can help Disabled children by donating medical equipments and books,uniforms and other basic needs to Orphans.

How DonationsRow to Communities

Make sure that your money is used for the right cause.The Maryam Welfare is rendering a great service to the numberless patients who lack capacity to buy medicines. You too can join in the sacred cause and pay your zakat and donations to MWS

How Can You Donate?

You can deposite your donations:
IBAN: NL81INGB0006887793
Swift Code: INGBNL2A
kvk : 63755971
RSIN : 855386629

You can also donate